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Paul Frazier

Paul Frazier

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In 1996, my journey brought me to Bend, Oregon—a decision sparked by the desire for a new chapter away from my California roots. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, my small-town upbringing and subsequent venture into the family business in the Bay Area laid the foundation for my love of community and the great outdoors. It was here that I met my wife, Kari, and together, we sought a place that felt like home. Bend, with its natural charm, became that place.

Launching a construction company here, I quickly became intertwined with Central Oregon’s building scene, gaining invaluable insights and forming lasting connections. By 2007, a new calling led me to the real estate sector, a shift fueled by a passion for investment and a desire to guide others in finding their place in this remarkable region.

The years have been kind, allowing me to witness and contribute to Bend’s growth while raising four children who’ve also chosen to call this place home. Alongside Kari, I’ve delved into Bend’s vibrant food scene, and we’ve embraced the outdoor lifestyle that first drew us here, from biking and kayaking to tranquil river walks.

Now, with years of local experience and a deep-seated connection to this community, I am more than a real estate broker—I am a guide, eager to share the beauty of Central Oregon and help others discover their dream home here.

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